Choosing the right office furniture is essential when equipping a workspace. Office furniture needs to fulfill many requirements, including being aesthetically pleasing, practical, good value for money and ergonomically sound. More importantly, it should convey the right atmosphere, so that employees feel positive and motivated to produce work of high quality.

A number of factors including budget, area available and the number of staff using the office will determine the choice of furniture. Some offices are designed for several people to use and thus the furniture will probably need to be smaller in order to maximize space. Offices for senior employees tend to be more spacious and can accommodate larger and more expensive pieces of furniture.

A desk is the most important priority when decorating an office. This should be as large as space allows, so that it can support a number of items including a computer and associated equipment, telephone, document holder and personal mementos without being over crowded.

The user should also be able to write easily without having to move the other items. A computer desk is suitable for this purpose, especially one with a retractable shelf, which can be pulled out to write on. It is also helpful to have drawers to keep essential items such as stationary so that they are within reach but do not cause unnecessary clutter. Try to position desks so that they are in front of a window rather than opposite it to prevent eye strain caused by reflected light on the monitor screen.

It is also necessary that all employees have a chair which can be adjusted to fit their size and height. This will encourage good posture while sitting and thus help prevent back and neck injuries. There should be plenty of support for the back and the user should be able to sit straight, place both feet on the ground and have the legs in a right angle position. Both the seat and back rest must be comfortable and soft.

Keeping paperwork in order is essential for the smooth running of any office, and a well-organised storage system is very important. Filing cabinets are ideal for this purpose, as they make it easy to file and find documents. The most popular design is made of metal and has 2 or 4 drawers which can be pulled out and folders arranged alphabetically or by subject matter.

Whether a single office or shared, comfortable sofas or armchairs and one or more coffee tables are a good investment and will allow employees to relax and unwind during lunch or coffee breaks. Senior managers may need to meet with clients in their office, in which case a good quality set will be a great advantage.

Alongside functional furniture, decorative pieces will also give an office a more homely and personal feel. A bookshelf or wall unit can be both practical and visually appealing, allowing items such as photographs and art works to be displayed. Plant holders or side tables for pot plants or flowers can add a touch of colour to what can otherwise be a drab indoor space and help keep the air fresh.

Finally, it is essential that an office is not over furnished and that there is plenty of free floor space so that people can move around easily. There should always be an unencumbered path to the exit if sudden evacuation is required. Having the right office furniture helps to give a work space a pleasant atmosphere and bring out the best in the employees.

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Brussel's DT3066AZ Satsuki Azalea Outdoor Bonsai Tree

  • Satsuki azalea bonsai; deciduous, outdoor tree
  • Grown as bonsai in Japan for centuries
  • Graceful trunk movement
  • Pink, white, or red blooms in spring
  • 5 years old, 8 inches tall
With small, round leaves and large, pink flowers blooming from May to June, this broadleaf flowering bonsai is packed with stems for a gorgeous late spring show. Though the Satsuki Azalea has just one flower per stem, the shrub has so many stems that during the flowering season they are a solid mass of color. Grown in Japan for centuries, the Satsuki Azalea's graceful trunk movement adds distinct shape to the patio, deck or garden. This particular bonsai is 5 years old and stands 8 inches tall.

List Price: $ 33.00 Price: $ 29.99

Photo by brewbooks